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Karah A.


In healthcare for 12 years

Karah’s leadership style is hands-on, leading by example and working with her team on every task, from assessing the needs of the building to assisting with resident care. She cultivates a positive work environment and culture and believes in supporting and acknowledging her staff, which in turn, helps them provide better care to the residents they serve. Karah is excited about working for Harmony because of the unwavering support from the leadership team and is eager to be mentored by the best in the business and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to nurture and develop her staff.


After being hospitalized due to repeated falls and balance issues, I couldn’t just go straight home, especially since I live alone. I needed rehab, and I’m so grateful I chose Harmony. The physical and occupational therapy I received there was top-notch. The therapists and staff worked tirelessly to help me improve. Every staff member, from the nurses and aides to the therapists, played a significant role in my recovery. Their collective effort made it impossible to single out just one person; they were all outstanding in their commitment and care. While Harmony was a significant distance from my home, the quality of care and the overall environment made every minute of the commute worth it. This facility exceeded my expectations in every way, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I’ve told myself, if I ever need such care again, I won’t go anywhere else. Harmony has earned my trust and gratitude for their exceptional service.

- Tina D.

When I needed rehabilitation due to issues from cellulitis, I chose Harmony West Des Moines. I had heard good things about it, including from someone who stayed there for a few years.

The staff’s approach at Harmony West Des Moines was not just professional but also personal. They were more than just caregivers; they were friends. Their warm greetings in the mornings and their encouragement to participate in various activities made me feel like I was part of a community. The administrative staff and others were not just sympathetic to my situation but also understood it. They even suggested keeping some of my craft supplies, a small gesture that brought me immense joy.

I’ve been involved in activities at the facility, like helping with cookie decorating in December because the director was inexperienced with baking – it felt good to be the expert advisor! I’ve also donated craft supplies for activities we could do, like making cards or decorating brush holders with lace and Mod Podge. These activities have been a highlight, giving me something creative and enjoyable to focus on. Overall, the caring nature of most staff members, the support in transitioning to long-term care, and the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities are reasons I would recommend Harmony West Des Moines. It’s the combination of care, support, and engaging activities that makes this facility stand out.

– Diana M.

I owe Harmony West Des Moines a debt of gratitude for being the bridge between the hospital and getting back on my feet. Harmony became my haven. When I arrived, I couldn’t walk, was grappling with confusion, and relied on a wheelchair. The goals seemed monumental – to regain my independence, clear thinking, and the ability to walk. The Harmony team, especially Jill, my physical therapist, became my allies in this uphill battle. They not only helped me achieve these goals but also provided occupational therapy to reacquaint me with life’s basics, given the toll the infection took on me. What stood out the most was the incredible staff at Harmony. Their consistent care, kindness, and understanding made me feel like more than just a patient. Jill was a crucial figure in my journey, but the nursing staff and aides also played vital roles, showing genuine care that made all the difference. The most cherished memories from my stay are the unexpected friendships formed with fellow residents. I found camaraderie both surprising and enriching. It wasn’t just about physical recovery; Harmony also addressed my mental health challenges, given my history of depression and anxiety. I wholeheartedly recommend Harmony West Des Moines to anyone needing post-hospital care. It’s not just a facility; it’s a community of caring individuals who go above and beyond to make your recovery journey as smooth as possible!

- Megan K.
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